Credibility Challenge



In class we have be covering sources and the credibility of sites and information in media. In a world where it’s so easy to distribute information to a mass amount of people almost instantaneously it can become difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s fake especially when you’re not sure how to differentiate them. This can be due to all the different news we see from television, online and on social media it’s easy to take the first part we see and run with it as true because of the overflow of information and news that gets thrown at us daily. I took the credibility challenge which gives us a guide to fact check sources and see whether or not they can be deemed credible. To test this out, I used Anne’s Anti-Quackery to see if the site was objective, accurate and professional. This is a personal blog that the author says offers “A Skeptical View of Alternative Treatments and Medical Misinformation, Pseudoscience, Myth, Conspiracy, Intelligent Design, Religion, Critical Thinking, Science and the Scientific Method.”She uses articles from other personal blogs and outdated sources and doesn’t maintain the website. Due to this, the website is not credible or trustworthy because it’s biased, subjective and isn’t current. Because of this challenge I have become more cautious of the information I take as true and will be more careful and skeptical of the news I read.



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